Two strangers had an international adventure without their luggage and passports on the way to that one-night stand

Adam Sklarenovsky and Amanda Barth are strangers to a large degree, but they are more than friends — they’re in love. Their travels have taken them to 27 countries across the globe. But when their flights were canceled due to a computer glitch at Oslo Airport, the lovebirds had a different kind of adventure awaiting them: three hours on the ground, in a taxi and then some longer miles.

Schnlarenovsky and Barth, who are native Norwegians, recently published a book of their traveling story called Love at LAX. The couple encountered two other problems: Their luggage and passport were on the van by the time they turned up to their connecting flight, and the taxi wasn’t running — so they spent 24 hours in their hotel room in business class waiting for a ride and making international phone calls.

“We were able to cross the Atlantic by way of Alaska Airlines,” Sklarenovsky told Travel + Leisure. (Schnlarenovsky and Barth plan to travel to and from places such as Maine, Greece, and the Galapagos Islands on their next trip.) “It’s a very good feeling to travel the world and to see a lot of places. It was just incredible.”

This story was originally published in April.

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