Toronto subway vandalism suspect held after vandalism costed city another $1.5m

For every hour the subway was closed to traffic on Monday because of acts of vandalism, the city’s transit authority said vandalism costs another $42,000 in overtime pay

Police have arrested a Toronto man in connection with “damage and mischief” incidents that shut down parts of the city’s subway for as long as five hours last week.

Toronto police said they found evidence linking alleged acts of vandalism to 26-year-old Trevor Beatty and charged him on Wednesday with mischief to property in excess of $5,000 and with two counts of uttering threats.

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Vandalism costs the Canadian city’s transit authority about $1.5m in added overtime costs and damages every hour it closes the subway. Police said crimes were responsible for $140,000 in damages.

Toronto’s transit authority on Monday said an unspecified amount of graffiti had been cleaned from the route running through Yonge and Dundas stations last week.

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Toronto police deputy chief Peter Yuen declined to disclose details about Beatty’s arrest but said investigators were studying other similar incidents in the city.

“We do have evidence to show this has been ongoing,” Yuen said, adding investigators were working with authorities in other jurisdictions in an effort to find a person responsible for approximately $1.5m in damages to public property and hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime costs.

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