‘Sex Lives of College Girls’ series delves into the gender dynamics of college life

Written by Shaun Esdal Chong, CNN

It’s hard to keep track of all the glossy young girls taking up literature classes in full drag these days.

The Australian production company Screenwave now has four women of the same age flaunting their quirky world views in the three series of “The Sex Lives of College Girls” — and in the first of a new season, Cavanurose Taylor, Maddy Mitchell, Princess Krosley and Norah Kearns get a chance to share their stories with the audience.

“We all have our own journey and where we’re going,” Mitchell said of the women. “We’re doing these character study pieces and asking questions.”

It is the second project for Mitchell and her brother Ronan Menton, who are both working with Catherine Breillat on an Australian Channel Ten scripted TV show.

“It’s a little bit of a kickback,” Mitchell said of working with their father. “We see it as a great opportunity to show our father as human.”

‘Sometimes less is more’

The series — which is based on a book by Sydney-based comedian Melissa Ross — follows the lives of four highly-touted young students at Sydney University who find their lives entwined by some surprising circumstances. In the first series, four female friends are sexually pursued by a single man. In the second series, it’s four male college students.

“Sometimes more is more,” Cavanurose Taylor, who plays Angela Gein, said of the series. “It just looked like things were written by a gaggle of angry girls.”

For the third season, the story is set in the Willoughby College campus, where “relatively quiet girls with quirky interests who aren’t easy to make out” are looking to “graduate a little bit — if not from life, then from their family, boyfriends or university themselves.”

Despite their considerable amount of freedom, the characters were still able to question the family history of “susceptible, fearless and perhaps slightly ‘insubordinate’.”

The Sex Lives of College Girls, created by Karina Lambro, is available to stream on SBS On Demand.

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