Cancel Your Halloween Party – Scientists Could Change the Course of the Lunar Orbiter

Last year, scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope learned that an asteroid orbits near the Moon. Now, they have plans to use the $8.8 billion James Webb to nudge that asteroid into a more fainter distance from Earth. The Webb telescope, a successor to the Hubble, is currently under construction at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. It should launch in 2020 and will cost $8.8 billion and no doubt raise significant questions about how much our government spending on science is really worth.

Watch for highlights from the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee when Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies at a hearing this morning. With his experience as staff secretary to George W. Bush and several statements from his private comments, Mr. Kavanaugh has emerged as an unlikely champion of women’s reproductive rights. Click on the play button above to watch, and then check out our live blog for the latest information from today’s hearing. We’ll also have updates on Alex Jones, Andrew Napolitano, and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s statements.

I was really hoping to have this debate at the White House, but we’ll get that next time. Perhaps through the magic of the Russian trolls?

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