At ‘tough cases’ trial, Trump tweets: ‘Justice Department should ask for an expedited hearing’

Prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse child pornography case rested their case Monday in a federal courthouse in Wichita, Kansas after calling six witnesses.

KSN-TV reported that the defense also rested its case on Monday.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have avoided attending the trial this week, but the former school administrator who is accused of downloading and distributing child pornography appeared in court Monday with his legal team.

The judge and attorneys indicated that closing arguments might begin as early as Tuesday.

On Monday, President Trump commented on the case for the first time on Twitter.

Trump wrote, “The Justice Department should ask for an expedited hearing to present the case against defendant Kyle Rittenhouse, and remind everyone that they are up against some very bad people.”

His tweet comes after reports indicated that Rittenhouse, who used to work as the adviser on northern Arizona for Pence’s 2016 presidential campaign, met with the President in March. He was living in Washington, the prosecutors said.

KSN-TV reported Rittenhouse, in court Monday, noted that he is in New York City “for my business.”

He has said on the stand that he didn’t know of any computer porn on his wife’s laptop. The laptop was seized by police from the family’s home in January 2016 after their youngest daughter told a classmate about pornographic images on the computer.

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