A Man In An Enigmatic Relationship

I’m in a relationship with a beautiful woman whom I love very much, and she’s a unique combination of a visionary and devoted mother, but she constantly fidgets and acts unstable. Sometimes she will avoid me, sometimes she’ll try to kick me to the curb, and sometimes she’ll flirt with another man in my presence.

Like anyone else, I have the right to walk away from her if it seems uncomfortable and intimate, but when I do, she’ll emotionally react, oftentimes claiming she doesn’t trust me.

I want to be more than a friend and don’t want her to get hurt, but I understand she can’t always live up to my expectations. I’m often feeling ambivalent about the relationship and about our relationship, which makes me vulnerable and ready to be hurt. I haven’t been seeing anyone else while this relationship is being strong, so do I give in and stay in the relationship with her or take her word for it? I’m older and much wiser now than I was when we first got together and could handle everything she says and does or should move on?

– L

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