3 podcasts with pop culture insights on ‘American History X’

Written by By Mia Garrett, CNN

As the days draw to a close and parties draw closer and closer, culture vultures are beginning to sound the ominous buzz of what’s coming next. To prevent you from playing a big-budget guessing game, there are a few key podcasts to download on your smartphone right now for sheer enjoyment.

“Fox Files”

Hosted by Geraldo Rivera and Steve Niven, “Fox Files” is more akin to the noir detective show than a basic crime report, and these cases are so intriguing, emotionally tragic and alarming that there are already a legion of fans.

The podcast has revealed secrets as twisted as Jigsaw’s upper echelon criminal network at “American Horror Story: Asylum,” and uncovered the ultimate secret handshake of serial killers: calling in to cancel their own executions.

There’s just one catch: the audio still needs to be broadcast on Fox’s flagship news show, “The Fox News Channel.”

“Dirty Money”

Follow the liquidation of American Bankers by real-estate mogul and political advocate James G. “Papa Jim” Davis.

This is the story of how a millionaire media entrepreneur bought a bankrupt bank, allegedly at a discounted price, and aggressively dismantled it, reducing it to a pile of rubble. The next thing we heard was that the authorities were looking into Jim’s business practices.

At present, the clean-up process is estimated to have cost Davis $28 million. But, sadly, the case remains unsolved.

“Motive: Who Killed James Woods”

No one in Hollywood comes close to James Woods. The actor can be such a dramatic presence, his heavily accented British accent only adds to the mystique, not to mention the political awareness that he brings to his portrayal of racist Republican Pete Harmer in the Academy Award-winning 1976 film “Midnight Cowboy.”

Motive: Who Killed James Woods? relives some of the actor’s most memorable roles, starting with Harmer’s infamous presidential campaign speech, before tussling with his rep for the role.

“Mental Floss”

Even as a college student, Cornell Dao had a clear idea of what his future holds, and rarely gets lost in books and online magazines.

His travels took him through Nepal, Tibet, the Philippines, Europe and Asia, with stops in cities where his fluent knowledge of the language or history was used to befriend locals. When he returned to New York City in 2013, he found some associates, switched jobs and the podcast was born.

“House Detectives”

The show’s interview with Annie Forest, who leads the investigation into the disappearance of cyclist Robert Bowles

Hosts Doug Aamoth and Heather Muro provide background information into the disappearance of bicyclist Robert Bowles, who vanished after leaving his home for a test run in the town of Washtenaw County, Michigan, near Detroit.

Muro’s fact-finding interviewing brings to light key details that need to be explored, including a dig at the horse farm owned by Bowles that led to the discovery of a decomposed human bone. Forest and Aamoth never relent in their determination to find their man.

“American History X”

Hosted by investigative journalist Tony Marsh

What is the ultimate sin? How do we choose our victims? Who is responsible for their deaths? Does justice really exist in this violent world? How can we still find peace amid it all?

These are questions American journalist Tony Marsh explores in his podcast, American History X. Topics range from the mafia to terrorist attacks to journalist shooters in the Baghdad killing field.

“The History Vault”

Hosted by Michael Douglas, the podcast looks back at forgotten and infamous events in the history of the United States.

Uncover secrets about rumored murders of notable American citizens, including JFK and Liz Taylor, just below the surface. A great way to find comfort in another night of clubbing, concerts and bar trips.

The “Politics USA” podcast is an Emmy Award-winning program in the US, but is unfortunately not available outside the US.

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