‘Women’s World Banking’ host — and TV personality — Drew Elliot goes to Puerto Rico

“You’re like ‘oh, okay, we can stop treating them like animals.’ But the conditions are the same. So why does it feel so different?” she asks. “If I’m doing a sit-down interview with two women who came to the brink of suicide because their child had been living in a filthy house…and I explain to them that I put the house up for sale and that was the best that could be done for that family…They’re overjoyed. Their child is no longer living in filthy conditions, and they’re looking for homes for their dog and they’re still struggling to put food on the table and they can see their child smiling and has a future.

“And, as I said in my segment, this isn’t just with human beings, you know, animals as well,” she continued. “For every one good story like that, there’s countless, if not a hundred of stories that would be very similar, and I think people just react differently…so, it’s important for you to see these cases from the perspective of the rescuer, the mentor, the trainer. I’m not trying to preach to anyone, this is just that we feel, that we want to see the world through the lens of somebody we don’t know who is giving their life working to save these animals.”

To watch the entire segment with Sideshow Alley’s Valerio Arvizu, click here.

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