The painful truth about the 10-cent NYC crosswalk emoji

In February, when the New York City taxi industry decided to join forces with the American Automobile Association to create an emoji to encourage drivers to act with more respect in crosswalks, The New York Times’s Marc Santora got it right in his tweet about it. “This taxi emoji is a must-see for New Yorkers.”

But after the Times shared the heart-warming story on Twitter, another tweet about the emoji popped up.

“When all else fails…”

The emoji it’s not.

Yes, cabbies should be attentive to the laws against the “excessive application of hanky panky” in crosswalks. And yes, crosswalks in New York City get manhandled. But here’s the fact: New York is also a magical place. So yes, cabbies, turn off your GPS. Fly a kite. Hold hands. To take more photos of that shoe-horned foot, read about the MTA. Take the High Line. Wield a free subway sign. Share a postcard with a fellow passenger. (Ewwwww — read more about that part.) Give someone a kiss. Buy something. Walk away.

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