Stalking: tips on how to talk to the police

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Being stalked can be a really scary experience, but getting information about it could help reduce your worry

We’ve covered a number of ways of talking to somebody about being stalked – either a real person, or someone on the internet.

Here’s some additional advice from Steve Cox from Colette McCormack’s warning system .

The key is to always tell people where you are, and a phone number. Don’t say that you can’t tell them where you are or where you work. If you make up a story about a yellow line crossing a road or a line of fires on fire, they’ll probably still get you because it sounds credible. But if you tell them where you live, where you work, where you’re going, whatever – that’s what we call someone being stalked.

Make sure you have the numbers of important contacts. Like the cops or someone you trust at work, because they’ll know if something is wrong. Also ask your mum and dad – they may be able to find a younger sibling or friend to talk to.

Make sure you have a calm, non-judgmental way of talking to them. When people are having some sort of difficulty with their mental health, they often become more careful – they may take things slower, or less socially active – and they can become very paranoid. So it can be really important to make sure you’re relaxed and upbeat about everything.

Saying that you are searching for help, or that you’re worried about someone, is something that’ll naturally calm you down. Saying that it’s very serious, that it will get better, or that you can actually help someone else is one way that can help you not to get too anxious.

Think of the second person – their emotional state will play an important part too.

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