President Trump: Andrew Wheeler is a ‘Good Guy’ for Acting EPA Administrator

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that he thinks Andrew Wheeler, the new nominee for acting EPA administrator, is “Good guy” for the job.

“I met with Andrew Wheeler yesterday and had a very good meeting. I think he will do a great job as Acting Administrator of the EPA!” Trump wrote.

Mr. Wheeler was most recently deputy administrator of the agency and also served as transportation general counsel.

President Trump announced in November that Scott Pruitt would step down as administrator to become the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

During his testimony Wednesday, Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, was often posed questions about the blood test giant’s controversies and public reveal. Holmes was under fire after a Wall Street Journal story revealed the company failed to provide access to customers who made requests. She was also grilled about the company’s large cash investments in acquisitions and losses.

FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne said Thursday that Holmes is the first leader of a major tech company to have her start-up “pivoted” away from that company. Payne suggested that Theranos had already been “pivoted” from “self-diagnosis” to insurance testing. He said he thought Theranos’ low prices probably did create a lot of innovation.

His guest: Dr. Robert Blum, a professor of physics at the University of California, Irvine.

Blum claimed that a blood test device he is developing could detect many diseases, and be available for less than $75 a test, way cheaper than what a typical doctor can order for a patient.

“That’s a very significant transformative product, and has the potential to get rid of the whole notion of paying an expert, who you don’t know, to read your blood tests. This would be a kit for, say, in-home diagnostic testing,” he said.

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