Khartoum: Ten dead in Sudan government attack

Written by Staff Writer

Medics confirmed Saturday that ten people were killed in Sudan’s capital in clashes with the security forces.

Heavy clashes broke out between security forces and protesters demanding the resignation of Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir after an agreement to hold a referendum for southern Sudanese failed, according to medical sources and local media.

The government reacted swiftly to the violence, announcing in a statement early Saturday that Prime Minister Hesham Hamad would address the nation on television. However, hours later the prime minister denied making the statement and blamed the attack on foreign powers and the opposition.

“We are not hiding behind a foreign issue. The attack was a crime committed by the criminal opposition,” Hamad said.

“We must punish the masterminds who took part in this assassination campaign against citizens,” he added.

The African Union Commission spokesman Omer Dahir told reporters in Addis Ababa that the AU had sent a mission to Sudan, including the African Union chairperson, and the Union observer mission had returned to Addis Ababa after the violence.

“The African Union is monitoring the violence in the country and we are awaiting a detailed report from our delegation,” Dahir said.

CNN’s Elia Osman contributed to this report

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