Joan Collins and more stars reunite for ‘All My Children’ reboot

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Screen legend Joan Collins is among the stars re-uniting for a new series of U.S. soap opera “All My Children” this summer.

The legendary actress — who shot to fame as Alexis Carrington Colby in the long-running soap opera “Dynasty” in the 1980s — will reprise her role of Ethel Reed, an explosive woman who transforms the lives of many of the lead characters, according to ABC’s press release for the show.

While “All My Children” will be written as if it is still airing, the reboot does not appear to be set in Pine Valley and will focus on characters that are from New York and Los Angeles.

“After 40-plus years away from Pine Valley, Ethel Reed is home, and that means trouble for those closest to her,” the press release reads.

Rose Marie, Kendall Jenner, Nikohl Boosheri and Eric McCormack — who played Josh McBain, Richard Baldwin and Will Drake in the original “All My Children” — are also among the returning cast members.

The soap series aired on ABC from 1970 to 2011, before being canceled in 2011.

The launch of the reboot comes on the heels of another revival of a classic soap opera, the successful “Dynasty,” which premiered on the CW network last month.

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