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“Hawkeye” is a new political comedy cartoon by Grant Morrison and Jason Fabok, an acclaimed comic team that’s been known to draw fire for not holding all kinds of ideas in check.

In the first issue, which arrived on shelves last month, Hawkeye (Ted Kord) is brought in to help clean up the mess left by his squad leader and his sidekick, Weasel (Mr. Terrific). One of the things they’re supposed to do is to clean up the microscopic computer chips left behind by a man who was forcibly placed inside a computer for fear that the video cards might cause him to go insane.

This has the siblings in an almost medieval environment that’s conducive to farting jokes. As Hawkeye arrives, he encounters dirt, feces and burning rags, among other gross and grimy things. You get the gist.

This isn’t the first time Morrison and Fabok have used a metaphor to portray a comic character in an interesting, funny way. The Oregonian-born cartoonist, who’s been in DC’s ranks since the 1990s and worked with Frank Miller before that, enjoys drawing humor. But on this one, it’s mostly overcooked and more about filling out the central premise and not so much improving the comic.

It’s also not a big enough part of the story to warrant the cruder humor. Morrison and Fabok are just getting started.

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