Former VP Joe Biden says he will make a decision on 2020 run soon

Jacinta Kinlaw, CNN

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday night that he will make a decision about a potential 2020 presidential run soon.

Biden delivered his remarks during a memorial service at Stanford University in California for fallen former Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Massachusetts.

He made it clear he was aware that the Trump administration is wrestling with questions of whether to release its tax returns.

“The tax returns are being sent to John McCain and I was looking for that the other day but he already gave me a copy and John thinks it is all right to do so,” Biden said, referring to the longtime Republican senator who is still recovering from brain cancer.

Biden said he would also consider releasing his own tax returns, though he wasn’t very specific about when that could happen.

“Well, my estimate is this year, let’s keep in mind that I know people — the French have already released it — but I don’t know if there will be any decision — we’ll have to see. But let’s assume there won’t be any decision until after the primary. Could happen in March, could happen in April, in July, could happen after the primary. But don’t go half-assing it,” Biden said.

Biden is expected to be one of a handful of Democrats in the race to take on President Donald Trump in 2020, a race that could see a clash of titans in a battle of fundraising and the candidates’ readiness to debate each other.

Before leaving office, Biden weighed his own potential candidacy. Many observers on both sides of the aisle seemed surprised at his decision to announce at a public event, as opposed to behind closed doors.

Members of the public in attendance cheered the former vice president during his speech.

Biden said he would speak with Moulton’s family before deciding his next move, but he offered his support for his former Senate colleague in a statement shortly after Moulton’s death.

“Seth was kind and humble. He took any job that was offered — never had an argument with anyone or asked for special treatment. But, most importantly, he loved our country and made it a better place with his work,” Biden said.

Biden also said he worked with Moulton to make the government and military service easier for veterans.

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