Father hunts ‘worst night of his life’

In an exclusive CNN Money series, Laura Jarrett follows three fathers on their hunt for the person who killed their son, killed the son’s loved ones, and left them searching for any clues about who may have shot their loved ones dead.

LAURA JARRETT, CNNMoney: Dwayne Jones, father of murder victim Latrell Jones, is hunting his son’s killer. Dwayne knows he might never recover from this, but he wants to find out who shot his son in the head while he was sleeping in his car on a public street at 3 a.m. February 28th in the parking lot of a Tim Hortons in Vaughan, Ontario.

“I want to know the truth. I need closure. Nobody gave me answers, so that’s why I have to keep on going.”

Latrell Jones’ father knows that to find justice, he’s going to have to bring a murderer to justice himself. But investigators have been unable to find out who killed Latrell Jones. Authorities believe Dwayne Jones’ ex-outlaw biker, wanted for manslaughter, is the lone shooter. Now authorities have obtained what they consider the biggest lead to date, four cell phone photos that appear to show the same man on the corner of Dixie and County Line Road, just minutes before the shooting.

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