Email to Unite: Guardian staff reform can eradicate a 50-year-old format | @guardianletters

The text: a “proposal to expand workplace flexibility for Americans across the country, including free lunch breaks, paid maternity and paternity leave, workplace flexible schedules and virtual workplace developments.”

The vignette: Corporations are rushing to embrace “flexible workplace” policies to attract and retain their employees, to save the planet, and to compete with companies not known for making employees hate their jobs.

Teaching: “For a variety of reasons, parents don’t want to change their work schedules too much. The impact is the same for each person. New research suggests that teaching at a remote location reduces teacher burnout and improves student performance. They go to school, conduct lessons, and assess, and they return home when parents are ready to go back to work. Students gain a new kind of discipline while instructors get to know a wide range of their students.”

The email reads: “You should now see the full story of what we’re doing to provide more flexibility and adapt our educational model to thrive in this future-forward world.”

But the editor may be out of office, so I could also, er, rejigger this to emphasis happier workers or parents or drudgery in an even more epic kind of way, but I’m a little afraid of how enraged editors are about anything remotely resembling a lack of control. Let’s just rewrite the whole thing right now.

The preview in article form

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