Disney World Postpones Mandatory Vaccinations Following Ban on Mandatory Vaccinations

After a Florida ban on their mandatory vaccine program, Disney World has announced a “pause” on the current programs.

The Associated Press is reporting that Disney “reiterated” in a recent statement to CNN:

“There is no science or evidence that mandates force parents to immunize their children. In fact, studies have shown that mandates have the unintended consequence of closing medical and immunization exemptions to all but the most vulnerable children. Our guests’ safety remains our top priority and no single vaccine can prevent illnesses like measles from spreading.”

Following a measles outbreak in the Canadian province of British Columbia last spring, where many of the infected residents were children who did not have measles vaccinations, Canada’s health minister Jill Lessard announced:

“The government will continue to fight for universal immunization coverage in all of Canada and ensure Canadians have the same protection against infectious diseases as those in the U.S.”

AP also reported:

Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona, New York, Washington, California, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Nevada have also passed laws preventing vaccines from forcing parents to get children vaccinated for fear of exposing the family to potentially-dangerous vaccines or illnesses that don’t pose a risk.

A UCLA study from late last year found that California’s laws that ban forced vaccination could increase unvaccinated children’s risk of catching a rare and deadly form of measles.

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