Charles Rangel Made History, Becomes First Dominican-Born Member of U.S. House

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It happened!

A newly constructed Airbus A340 aircraft made its first trans-Antarctic flight on Saturday from New Zealand to Victoria Station on Antarctica.

WATCH: Charles Rangel Makes History, Becomes First Dominican-Born Member of U.S. House

The Airbus A340 “Yolanda” at 88 meters long and 24 meters wide is the largest plane to have flown from one continent to another.

“This is about re-affirming the dedication of the people of New Zealand to the unique destination of Antarctica,” said Dr Rob Smirnoff, ambassador of the Netherlands. “The ship that carried our A340, saw-off visitors here from New Zealand and took the most important cargo out to the end of the world.”

The plane that carried the passengers had become a tourist attraction in itself, so there were no passengers on board but rather technicians, engineers and tour guides.

Lets be honest, it’s insane. The land base is a giant building with a 14 meter ceiling, staff and maintenance, built and designed to be an Anzac barracks, of course in the mid 1900s. Made of bricks. Unforgettable. — Adam Dixon (@adamdixon) October 14, 2018

By Brendon Lemay

AAP correspondent, New Zealand

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