A ‘bearded representative for’ some conservatives is going to sue Google because … it’s not in their interests?

Jonathan Kanter, the “bearded representative for” a string of conservative websites, asked Google if his conservative principles are well-grounded.

The Watchdog, Kanter’s favorite-named site, is designed to give you information about everything related to “liberty,” including conservative opinions, poll results, examples of how the courts have interpreted the Constitution and links to websites featuring personal beliefs about gay rights and laws that put restrictions on Christian children attending public schools.

In response to questions about Kanter’s role as host of the site, which contains content heavily critical of Google, Google writes:

But let’s also be clear about what exactly we are looking for. We have seen petitions like these raise false and misleading claims. We are generally not interested in advocacy, and our users’ voices are our first priority.

Amira Bari, the speaker of the House of Representatives, is also trying to block Kanter from being his friend on Facebook.

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